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Mailroom Supplies

shipping.jpg (3014 bytes)Attention to quality is something we don’t take lightly at Creative Mailroom. Which is why we strive to provide you with the highest quality products to meet your standards—for a fraction of the cost.

Why compromise quality for affordability? If your OEM customer sales or service department is telling you "I'll have to void your warranty if you don't use our brand of supplies" or "You'll be charged for this service call since you're not using our supplies", recognize this as a scare tactic and remind them that this in direct violation of the Sherman & Clayton Antitrust Acts. mail.jpg (5645 bytes)

This is a very successful market for us and some of these OEM vendors are getting very upset, obviously hating loosing their generous revenues. Commercial mailing operators for years have been smart to this, now you are too!postage meter.jpg (5501 bytes)

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