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FP mymail
Introducing the FP mymail

With FP mymail, FP Mailing Solutions offers the ideal entry-level solution for the small office or home office with a need to mail a low volume of mail. Small and compact, FP mymail finds a place on every desktop with its innovative design, and becomes a highlight in the modern office. As the only device in its class, FP mymail has an integrated space-saving letter scale. Thus, the correct postage is determined and set immediately. Changes in USPS postage rates are updated automatically. Up to three accounts can be tracked on the FP mymail unit.

FP mymail is professionalism with a personal touch. With one touch of a button your mail will go out with a professional look. For packages, you simply run a self-adhesive postage meter label through the mymail and then attach it to the package. You can add your company logo or advertisement, which you can change and customize, and your mail will be processed faster because of the printed indicia developed in accordance with the United States Postal Service (USPS) Information-Based Indicia Program (IBIP).


New postage is added to your postage account by an electronic transfer from your bank to an official USPS Citibank Postage Account. This electronic banking transaction is governed by banking laws and the USPS to ensure its safety and security. Postage is downloaded directly from this account into FP mymail at the touch of a button. New postage can also be charged to your credit card. There is no need for sending in manual checks and waiting days for postage to be added to your account.

FP mymail is smart, efficient, professional, affordable, and practical. FP mymail is your mail for the 21st century. It's the latest digital, state-of-the-art, desktop postage system.